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The Best Bitcoin Accounts To Follow On Twitter

As always, less is more. Stick to these only and you are good to go forever on Twitter. You can use Hackernoon as a way to acquire information, too but do not overdo it with sources and articles.

It’s Jameson Lopp, Andreas Antonopoulos and Tone Vays.

Stick to these three. You can wander off to check out accounts they refer to, but they should remain your core for the start. One wrong click can screw your whole bitcoin ecosystem perception if you are new and not immune to ideologues and outright shysters like Vitalik Buterin, James Altucher, Roger Ver and John McAfee.

If you want to expand, check out Michael Goldstein, Nick Szabo and Peter Todd.

Let’s say you only follow these six accounts from the bitcoin realm (weird, huh?), this would be plenty of reason to follow you. Don’t get drunk on the internet.