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The Best Bitcoin Wallet, The Most Secure Bitcoin Wallet

What is the best/ most secure bitcoin wallet? It’s the one that is fool-proof and future-proof. Do not waste your long term money or focus on shitcoins like Bcash, Ripple, Ethereum, and everything alike. Focus on cold storage of BITCOINS only.

  • The most fool- and future-proof Hardware Wallet is by FAR the Trezor.
  • You effectively OWN you private key but you do not “know” it directly, which is a good thing. It is attached to the device.
  • The Trezor will most likely be there in the foreseeable future. At worst, it will STILL be compatible.
  • Every hardware can be hacked when PHSYSICAL ACCESS is given.
  • Watch this video by Andreas Antonopoulos about bitcoin storage.

Swallow the pill of a few bucks and get your Hardware Wallet shipped to you. After you hold it in your hands, you can play with it physically and learn more about the procedure as you go along. Don’t fall prey to panic-makers.

Trezor Model T Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Trezor One Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet